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Dr. Erin Stefanacci, DC CFMP

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Jennifer LeBrae,
Office Manager & Patient 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Erin Stefanacci, DC CFMP


Dr. Erin Stefanacci was born in Boston, MA and grew up in Florida, but relocated to Asheville, NC with her husband, Anthony. 


Dr. Stefanacci received her doctorate in Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, SC.  Her practice focuses on holistic health care including functional medicine and applied kinesiology. She is a certified functional medicine practitioner and has additional studies in multiple areas of functional medicine including endocrinology, thyroid function, immunology, gut-brain axis, brain chemistry, and blood chemistry. 


She combines functional medicine, structural health (chiropractic), and emotional well-being as a result of 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, watching patients move from one medication to another while not achieving health and wellness.


Dr. Erin Stefanacci is a certified functional medicine practitioner through Functional Medicine University. She received her certification in Applied Kinesiology through the International College of Applied Kinesiology; additional certifications include activator technique and Webster technique.


She has been a student of yoga for over 14 years, teaching for over 8. Other

hobbies include running and cycling. She has participated in triathlons and plans

to complete an Ironman in 2022.

How I Chose Functional Medicine:

It's our life experiences that often lead us to our calling.  Here's my story about

how I chose Functional Medicine.

Jennifer LeBrae, Office Manager & Patient Liaison

Jennifer and her family made Asheville their home 5 years ago.  Originally from Texas, she fell in love with the beauty, climate, and unique culture of community Asheville has to offer.

Jennifer’s interest in holistic and integrative health deepened 12 years ago with inspiration to help a family member heal from an illness. She is passionate about whole body health and utilizing integrative health practices to help one achieve their own success within their unique health journey.

An avid nature lover, Jennifer enjoys hiking the trails of the local region, as well as exploring the stunning coastal areas of the Carolinas.  Jennifer also enjoys gardening, foraging, cooking, camping, and various artistic expressions. 

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