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Chiropractic Care & Applied Kinesiology


Chiropractic Care and Applied Kinesiology go hand-in-hand, the goal of both is to bring the body back into a state of balance. When the body is balanced, you are able to heal and feel better.

Therapy may involve specific joint adjustment or mobilization, soft tissue therapies, cranial techniques, meridian therapies, clinical nutrition, evaluation of environmental irritants, dietary management, and lifestyle advice. 

Triad of Health:

Structural, Chemical, Emotional

Applied Kinesiology uses neurologically-based muscle testing, enabling your doctor to evaluate your functional balance.  Combined with other standard methods of diagnosis, muscle testing directs therapy toward imbalances. 

 At Carolina Holistic Health, we take a whole approach to your health care to provide a recommended care plan without surgery and medication. 


It is always important to remember, your body has the unique ability to heal itself.  It also works together in concert, not as individual components. 


Partnered with Functional Medicine and Health Coaching, our whole-person approach treats the individual, not symptoms or conditions. 


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