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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anti-inflammatory eating and what are “whole” foods? 


Our anti-inflammatory program focuses on eating “whole” foods in their most natural and nutrient-rich state. We place a heavy emphasis on plant-based nutrition and particularly focused on disease-fighting phytonutrients and antioxidants. Overall, it is a comprehensive lifestyle solution developed to combat the two factors that contribute to disease and obesity: malnutrition and inflammation.


Who will benefit from this nutrition program?


Anyone who is looking for a long-lasting solution to improve their health and reduce systemic inflammation will benefit from this nutritional program. This isn’t a quick-fix diet, instead it’s a program intended to change the way you think about what you eat and drink and how that affects your overall wellness. This program can help those who are currently struggling with an active inflammatory condition. 


How will I know what is causing my inflammation?


In the beginning stages of the course, we will work on eliminating common inflammatory triggers. Then we will slowly add foods back in to find what foods work (and don’t work) for your body. You might be surprised at some of your triggers. My triggers are avocados, tomatoes, and almonds!


What if I can’t attend the lives?


If you can’t attend the lives, that’s okay! The lives will be recorded and available to everyone who purchases the course.



What if I can’t participate during the specified dates?


Again, that’s okay if the specified dates don’t work with your schedule! The recordings will be available to watch whenever is convenient for you! You will also receive all the course materials needed to be successful and you will also have access to support through the private Facebook group.


Am I going to have to stop drinking alcohol?


Temporarily. Trust us, you can do it!



Can I still drink coffee?


Potentially. Some individuals are more reactive to coffee than others. I will be talking more about this in the pre-course material and initial call so that you can determine if coffee is something that you should limit during this program. This is not one size fits all!



Is this program suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?


No. Many of the foods that vegans and vegetarians consume for protein can cause inflammation and digestive upset.



I want to lose weight, will this help me?


The truthful answer is, we don’t know. This program's main focus is not to help anyone lose weight, but instead help you improve your wellness. It will teach you how to identify your food triggers contributing to inflammation, which can ultimately lead to weight gain, so theoretically, if you decrease inflammation you can lose weight. But no promises!

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