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Do you accept insurance?

Carolina Holistic Health does not bill directly to any insurance providers. However, we do offer Superbills that you can submit to your insurance and accept both HSA and FSA.

Can you help me?

Dr. Stefanacci primarily works with patients suffering from gut, hormone, immune, thyroid and brain health complications. However, we advise all those looking to seek care to schedule a FREE 15-minute health strategy call where we will discuss your symptoms, explore if we are the right practice for you and next steps.

Can I use you as my primary care physician?

Dr. Stefanacci does not take the place of a primary care physician. We recommend that you have a primary care physician that can work in conjunction with Dr. Stefanacci to optimize your health.

Do you prescribe pharmaceuticals?

The simple answer is no. What we do do is take comprehensive testing, finding any imbalances and irregularities and address them with diet, lifestyle changes and supplements.

Do you work with children?

Yes. Although the majority of the patients Dr. Stefanacci sees are adults, she does also work with children of all ages.

Do you recommend supplements?

Depending on testing results, we do recommend supplements to many of our patients. However, supplements are often not the only course of action.

Do you offer chiropractic care?

Yes. Also, those who are part of our patient membership program receive a discount on chiropractic care.

Do you see patients with cancer?

Yes. Dr. Stefanacci will work as part of the care team for those experiencing cancer. We highly recommend a FREE 15-minute health strategy call for these patients. Also, we have the best results when the other members of your care team are eager to collaborate and optimize your health together.

So what do you actually do?

We get this question a lot.  To learn more about the science behind functional medicine, read this blog where Dr. Stefanacci discusses the principles of Functional Medicine.

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