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One Part Detective.
One Part Scientist.

Every patient manifests imbalances and symptoms in a unique way. Uncovering the root cause is a lot like detective work. We employ state-of-the-art lab testing and analysis to find out what is going on inside you, and then we apply a personalized approach to helping you heal from within.

There are many important aspects of health including but not limited to:

  • nutrition

  • hormone balance

  • mental calmness

  • detoxification

  • energy metabolism

  • digestion and absorption

  • immune function

  • and inflammatory processes


With proper analysis of the body’s complex network of systems, patterns of dysfunction can be identified and shifted back into a state of proper function. 

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We start with the basics, the roots.

Many of us have been "diagnosed" with a condition.  Others of us simply

put up with not feeling great - gut issues, hormone issues,

weight loss issues, etc.  up until the point those issues become

chronic or urgent. At that point, we seek medical advice. 

Before seeking medical advice, we often look to our friends,

annual doctors visits or our own online research to find relief.



What does it mean to start with the root cause?

Think for a moment, when a tree or plant starts to wither (symptoms),

what do you do? You water it and give it sunlight, in other words, you tend to

the roots. If they are happy the tree is happy and more likely to thrive. 


Functional medicine applies the same approach to patients. We examine the foundations (roots) of health; sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress,

relationships, genetics. Then we look at how these roots are being

influenced by predisposing factors (antecedents), events (triggers),

and ongoing physiological processes (mediators) and may then result

in imbalances at trunk level. As time progresses, these imbalances can eventually result in disease that can be grouped into categories,

represented by the branches and the leaves.

If you are tired of spending your time in the leaves, schedule a free discovery

call with us today! 


So, what is it you actually do?

I get this question a lot.  Read this blog to learn more about the Science behind Functional Medicine and the Principles of Functional Medicine.

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