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Nutritional Support & Supplementation

As part of optimal health, we incorporate nutritional supplements and diet recommendations.


Optimal health is about the body functioning synergistically with itself. When parts work together, the body achieves better health than it could with individual parts working alone. That's where diet and supplements come into play. These are simply parts of the whole, to get the whole working, all parts must be looked at and adjusted accordingly.

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Quality Control

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate OTC supplements? At Carolina Holistic Health, we hand select supplements that maintain compliance with rigorous quality control testing allowing for optimal support of YOUR health goals. 

Not Biochemically The Same

You hear lots of recommendations for supplementation – from decreasing body fat to increasing mental function. There is just one downfall with that, not everyone is biochemically the same –  meaning something that works for the person next to you may not work for you. While you may have the same symptoms as the person next to you, you may not have the same cause/mechanism driving your symptoms.

Supplementation and diet modifications should be recommended based on you as a unique individual. At CHH, each patient is assessed for nutritional needs and is recommended a nutritional regimen based on your specific biochemical makeup allowing for optimal wellness.

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