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Meet Our Newest Team Member

We are thrilled to share we have added a new member to the Carolina Holistic Health team!

Meet Our Newest Team Member Samantha Coffin

Meet Samantha

Samantha joins Carolina Holistic Health as our new Health Enthusiast + Office Manager. She has had her own journey to a healthy lifestyle and is excited to learn and grow with our practice.

Originally from Massachusetts, Samantha has lived in Virginia, South Africa, Minnesota, Maine and now North Carolina. She eats mostly paleo and has been gluten free for 12+, after years of struggling to discover a solution to her extreme discomfort and sleep troubles.

In 2017 while living in Maine, Samantha reimagined what it meant to exercise and hiked 68 hikes in one year! Paired with her paleo diet it is easy to say, she loves hiking and healthy foods.

In 2018 Samantha moved to Asheville and is still exploring the mountains, the food scene and all there is to see in Western North Carolina. Next time you see her, be sure to suggest one of your favorite places to explore in Asheville, be it a local hike or your favorite Asheville restaurant.

Also, keep an eye out as Samantha shares helpful information, lifestyle tips and recipes on our blog alongside Dr. Erin’s blogs. We are excited to start this next chapter together!

Be Well, Asheville!


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