One Part Detective. One Part Scientist.

Every patient manifests imbalances and symptoms in

a unique way. Uncovering the root cause is a lot like detective work. We employ state-of-the-art lab testing and analysis to find out what is going on inside you,

and then we apply a personalized approach to

helping you heal from within.


There are many important aspects of health including

but not limited to:

With proper analysis of the body’s complex network of systems, patterns of dysfunction can be identified and shifted back into a state of proper function.

  • nutrition

  • hormone balance

  • mental calmness

  • detoxification

  • energy metabolism

  • digestion and absorption

  • immune function

  • inflammatory processes

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Functional Medicine

Chiropractic Care

What patients are saying

I decided to start working with Dr. Erin Stefanacci to help me get to the root cause of intense anxiety and the sudden onset of insomnia. After a very thorough consultation, we decided the best first step would be for me to do a blood panel that goes in FAR deeper detail than any my PCP has ever run... WOW did that blood panel reveal some incredibly important discoveries about my body and health! I am SO happy I began working with Dr. Erin and discovered the benefits of functional medicine. I truly hope more women and men can experience it; it just may be the key to unlocking better health and happiness like it was for me!

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