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Stephan Pruitt Photography Carolina Holi
One Part Detective. One Part Scientist.

Every patient manifests imbalances and symptoms in

a unique way. Uncovering the root cause is a lot like detective work. We employ state-of-the-art lab testing and analysis to find out what is going on inside you,

and then we apply a personalized approach to

helping you heal from within.


There are many important aspects of health including

but not limited to:

With proper analysis of the body’s complex network of systems, patterns of dysfunction can be identified and shifted back into a state of proper function.

  • nutrition

  • hormone balance

  • mental calmness

  • detoxification

  • energy metabolism

  • digestion and absorption

  • immune function

  • inflammatory processes

Stephan Pruitt Photography Carolina Holi

Functional Medicine

Chiropractic Care

Conditions We Support

Below are a few common conditions and diagnoses that often  bring patients to Carolina Holistic Health. 

Learn how Dr. Stefanacci would approach your specific health needs by booking a complimentary 15 minute Health Strategy phone session today. 


Acid Reflux, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, 

Digestive Issues, IBS, H-pylori, Candida, Food Sensitivities


 Diabetes,  Low Energy,

Low Libido, Menopause, 

Painful or Irregular Periods, PCOS


Brittle Nails, Decreased Sex Drive, Hypothyroidism, Mood Swings, Thinning Hair, Weight Gain, Hashimoto's Disease

Chronic Illness

Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue,  Depression, Mental Health, Brain Fog, Joint Pain, Disturbed Sleep, Irritability

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