This is your health.  Raise your expectations.

Free Health Session

Before starting on a journey with us, we encourage you to schedule a FREE 15-minute Health Strategy Session with Dr. Stefanacci to get an idea for how our practice operates and how we can collaborate to best serve your needs and goals.

Your 1st Appointment

Before your 1st appointment, we will send you forms to complete digitally.  This is also when you will share any previous labs. When you come in, together you and Dr. Stefanacci will walk through your complete health history in an hour and a half appointment. 

Report of Findings

Usually, Dr. Stefanacci orders tests specific to your areas of concern. Once the results come in, she spends an hour with you walking through all her findings and creating an action plan with you, including dietary  and lifestyle changes as well as supplements, if necessary.

Follow Up Appointments

Now it is time to do the work and have follow up appointments where we discuss progress, make adjustments and celebrate victories! 

View our FAQs page for more information.